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 F.A.M.I. Bible Institute

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Welcome to FAMI Bible Institute. FAMI Bible Institute was built to provide sound biblical training to those operating in ministry, church leaders, and members properly. 
This association  exists  to  help  rebuild  and restore  broken ministries  and  discouraged leaders. FAMI will unite with ministries to empower  their  leaders  to  grow spiritually and relationally through conferences,
workshops and personal studies.


- Apostle John E. Fults, Sr. 

FAMI Bible Institute - Founder

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 Elders: Heartbeat to Pastor II

Course Description:     

You can not afford to miss this teaching as we discuss critical doctrinal beliefs and truths that are foundational and essential to every believers life. YOU ARE ONE STEP CLOSER TO YOUR DESTINY!


Apostolic doctrine is teaching that comes to us through the apostles, those specifically chosen by Christ to carry His teachings to the world. The Apostolic doctrine is authoritative and vital to our understanding of what God has done for us.  


Pastors: Dealing with the Apostolic 

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