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Financial Biblical Studies - Tuesdays at 7pm CST (Registration: OPEN)

Course Description:

Apostle Stephen Baker will be teaching a 10-week course called Financial Biblically Studies on Tuesday evenings. The purpose of this course is to teach people God's financial principals so that one may know Christ more intimately and be free to serve Him.

After taking this course, each student will have a better understanding on what God is saying about finances and stewardship based on the Word of God. This course will change your heart when it comes to the subject of finances.

Course Requirements:

  1. Books

    1. Do Well - The Crown Biblical Financial Study Set (Click To Order Now)

  2. Homework

    1. Complete the homework in writing. The homework questions are designed to take only about 15 minutes each day to complete. Space is provided in the life group manual to answer the questions. If a couple takes the study together, each person may fined it helpful to use a separate Life Group Manual.

  3. Scripture and Money Map Destinations Memory

    1. Memorize and assigned passage from the Bible each week and individually recite the verse(s) at the beginning of class. This will help you remember the most important principles.

  4. Practical Application

    1. Complete the practical application exercise(s) for each week, such as personal financial statement, beginning a spending plan, or designing a debt repayment plan. Most of the practical applications for each lesson are located in the manual after the chapter notes.

  5. Prayer

    1. Everyone prays for the other group members each day. Answers to prayers are one of the most encouraging parts of the life group experience.

Course Fees:

$30.00 Registration Fee

Course Information:

  • Starts January 24th

  • Held Via Zoom at 5pm PST / 7pm CST / 8PM EST

  • Meets Weekly on Tuesdays for 10 weeks



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